73-87 Chevy C-10 Truck Flush Fit Windshield

One Piece Products introduces a new option for customers that want a slick modern look for their classic truck. This FlushFit Windshield conversion kit will fit the 1973-91 Chevy C-10 Truck bodies including Suburbans.
  • Fits: This kit fit the 1973-91 Chevy-GMC C-10 Truck bodies.
  • Includes: 1- Windshield w Ceramic Trim 2- Tube Urethane w app tip. 1- Roll inside pinchweld trim. 1- Underside or overside glass trim. 1- Installation manual booklet
  • Availability: Usually ships within a week.
  • Instructions: An instruction manual is included in the kit and you can also click here for our YouTube video version.
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