One Piece Products
Window Conversion Kits for Chevy Trucks, GM Trucks, El Camino, and Ford Trucks...

One Piece Products was a vision of Benjamin Tapia, who has been in the automotive glass industry for over 18 years. Noticing a demand in the custom automotive glass sector he began paying close attention to the major obstruction a vent glass assembly caused in the look of most vehicles with door vent windows. Seeing how much attention people have on their vehicles Ben began looking into the possibilities on creating a curved one piece glass to clean up the body lines of the Chevy Truck bodies. After a long tedious attempt, and finding the right manufacturers to work with Ben finally released the long awaited One Piece window conversion kit for the 1973-1991 Chevy truck bodies.

Building off of that design, Ben is currently working on other prototypes for different vehicles not to mention on changing the Windshield design on the same 1973-1991 Chevy full size truck bodies by eliminating the FAT windshield gasket and using a flush mounted design thereby giving the Truck a more modern appeal and giving the customer another option to that Ugly old gasket. Also in the works is a functional vertical power back window assembly that will take the place of that old shabby solid back window. Keep an eye out for the many newly designed products that will come out of One Piece Products in the near future, you will be pleasantly surprised!