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RE: Window Conversion Kit

Dear Mr. Tapia:

I am in the middle of a custom restoration of my Father's 1979 Chevy K10. The truck has a special sentimental value. I took my driver's test in it 20 years ago and went on dates in it throughout college. My Father passed away in 2004. He and I both loved the truck and it has been a way for me to honor him and the fun times we had in that old truck.

While I wanted to restore the truck to a "better than new condition", I did not want it to lose its personality or the feel it had when my Father owned it. That isn't to say I didn't want to update its looks and make it mine. I have shaved the '70s era two-tone trim, stake pockets, emblems and the like. It retained its rugged, lifted 4x4 look but it became clean and smooth. Unfortunately,the vent windows stuck out like a pair of sore thumbs. I envied custom '67-'73 Chevy truck projects that cut custom one-piece door glass. However, the many challenges presented by the curved door glass of the '73-'87 series Chevy trucks convinced me that I would never see one-piece glass in my truck, that is, until I found One Piece Products.

I purchased a One Piece Products window conversion kit for my truck, wondering how you solved all of the geometry problems presented by the curved glass, let alone how your components would mate with the nearly 30-year old original doors and regulators. When I first saw the kit I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the materials used in fabricating each of the components. The kit is clearly engineered to function with precision and outlast the rest of the vehicle.

After speaking with you and your staff, it appears that my kit may have been one of the first ten to fifteen kits your company sold. I expected the kit to have a number of "bugs" that would have to be dealt with. During installation, the shop doing the work on my truck thought they found some bugs. You were very easy to reach by phone and email and fielded their questions promptly, providing expert guidance. Unfortunately, the fit was only 90% and I contacted you to see what could be done. With a surprising level of commitment to your new product you offered to oversee the final adjustments in person. While I was grateful to have you there to do the final fit, I was embarrassed to see the ease with which you corrected the fit so that the windows now look and function as though the truck was originally designed to have one-piece glass. I understand that your instructions, which were clear to begin with, have now been updated to remedy many novice mistakes before they occur.

You should be proud of the unparalleled level of customer service and product quality provided by One Piece Glass. I was not surprised to see that your company has begun to tackle other ambitious projects for the 73-'87 Chevy truck, like a seamless, glass-to-metal windshield and vertically actuating power rear window. Please count on me to be your first customer for those products. I am sold on One Piece Products!!

Very truly yours,
Shane M. Niebergall Testimonial for One Piece Products Window Conversion Kit